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To delight customers with a BBQ experience in a way that creates loyalty.


Greater Lafayette’s BBQ

and Tex Mex Destination.


Honesty, Cleanliness, Guest Engagement, Great BBQ, Our community, Our team

So what is an Icehouse?


Prior to refrigeration, South Texas had businesses deemed “IceHouses”. They were often in rural locations, and supplied local families and businesses with an important commodity - ice. Icehouses evolved over time to be more like rural convenient stores once modern refridgeration took hold. Today, many have become local eateries/bars with Texas flavor. But one thing has remained the same, they are community gathering places, giving a pulse of what's going on in the local area.

Eddie Joe’s Icehouse brings this concept to life in

Hoosier country – more specifically, West Point, IN.

icehouse 60s.jpeg
Icehouse convenience store, Southern Texas, 1965
Ed Sr. and Lillian, circa 1948

Who was Eddie Joe?


After making the decision to become a restaurant entrepreneur, Lee needed a name for his new venture. He grew up with paternal immigrant grandparents from Poland (Edward and Lillian Stanish).  Like many of their time, their families migrated to southwestern Pennsylvania from Poland for jobs in the underground coal mines and steel mills.  Most operated subsistence farms.  


Throughout his childhood, Lee spent time butchering livestock and cooking at their home.  Married for 64 years, they were a caliber of people and level of influence that’s hard to describe in words. In the 1960’s and the 1970’s, Ed, or “Pap”, operated a gasoline and service station at their home farm on Route 119.  You could buy some gas, a loaf of bread, and get your oil changed. He called it “Eddie Joe’s”, after his son Ed Jr, Lee’s father. That was the way the family addressed Ed Sr. and Ed Jr. And so Lee decided that would be a great name for the restaurant.

icehouse full view.jpeg

About Eddie Joe's IceHouse


Eddie Joe’s IceHouse is a 5,000 square foot full-service restaurant and bar. We focus on great BBQ , Tex Mex dishes, and cold beer. Our BBQ is handcrafted – and can be eaten plain, on a house bun, or experienced in our Tex Mex lineup. 

All food is made with an emphasis on quality. 


The restaurant offers convenient dine-in seating for 100 guests. Online take-out orders are accepted, as well as carry out for beer.  

About the Owner

Meet the man behind the restaurant, Lee Stanish. Lee graduated from Purdue University with an Agriculture Economics degree. Originally from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Lee found his way to Indiana to become a Boilermaker and never left.  He is a proud Farmhouse brother where he sits on the association board and aided in building the new Farmhouse chapter facility.


To no surprise, one of his talents is smoking meat. His favorite smoked item is the brisket quesadilla.

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