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So what is an Icehouse?


Prior to refrigeration, South Texas had businesses deemed “IceHouses”.  They were often in rural locations, and supplied local families, and businesses with an important commodity - ice.  Icehouses evolved over time to be more like rural convenient stores, once modern refridgeration took hold.  Today, many have become local eateries/bars with Texas flavor.   But one thing has remained the same, they are community gathering places, giving a pulse of what was going on in a local area. Eddie Joe’s Icehouse brings this concept to life in Hoosier country – more specifically West Point, IN.


Who decided West Point, IN needed an Icehouse?


Eddie Joe’s IceHouse restaurant will open in the former West Point Steakhouse building under the management and ownership of Lee Stanish.   Lee is a Pennsylvania farm-kid by upbringing.  His agricultural interests brought him to Boilermaker country where he got a Purdue degree in Agricultural Economics, and became an active member of FarmHouse Fraternity.  With a 4-year taste of Hoosier hospitality, he stayed after college.  Lee worked in the agriculture industry in Indiana for several years, including a stint in the Purdue College of Agriculture for almost 10 years.  He had many hobbies such as being an avid outdoorsman, a long distance runner, and a contributing member of the team that built the new FarmHouse Fraternity building in 2015.   However, those who knew him watched his hobby of craft BBQ grow over time.    Smoking meats since before he could drive, Lee’s BBQ was always a hit at a local event, wedding, graduation party, or simply his kitchen table.     


In 2008 Lee would meet David Raub (the book will come later).   David was a young farmer in the area, like Lee…a BBQ enthusiast, and his family successfully owned and operated West Point Steakhouse for many years.   Beyond building a friendship – they pooled and grew their passion for good BBQ.  The two were enjoyed personalities at BBQ catering events, and spent many hours together working at West Point Steakhouse.   In 2015 an opportunity arose for a change in the guard at the restaurant, and David encouraged Lee to consider taking his craft to the next level.  After putting his brain (and pencil) to work, Lee designed, developed, and set in motion a fresh concept for the space….one which would both leverage his personal cooking abilities, and be something new and exciting for the greater Lafayette area. 







Who was Eddie Joe?


After making the decision to become a restaurant entrepreneur – Lee needed a name for his new venture.   He grew up with paternal immigrant grandparents from Poland (Edward and Lillian Stanish).  Like many of their time, their families migrated to southwestern Pennsylvania from Poland for jobs in the underground coal mines and steel mills.  Most operated subsistence farms.   Throughout his childhood, Lee spent time butchering livestock and cooking at their home.  Married for 64 years, they were a caliber of people and level of influence that’s hard to describe in words.  In the 1960’s and the 1970’s Ed, or “Pap”, operated a gasoline and service station at their home farm on Route 119.  You could buy some gas, a loaf of bread, and get your oil changed.  He called it “Eddie Joe’s”, after his son Ed Jr,Lee’s father. That was the way the family addressed Ed Sr and Ed Jr. Lee decided that would be a great name for the restaurant.

About Eddie Joes


Eddie Joe’s IceHouse is a 5,000 square foot full service restaurant and bar. We focus on great BBQ , Tex Mex food, and cold beer.  Our BBQ is handcrafted – and can be eaten plain, on a house bun, or experienced in our Tex Mex line up.  All food is made with an emphasis on quality.  The restaurant offers convenient dine in seating for 100 guests. Online take-out orders are accepted, as well as carry out for beer.  The restaurant is located at 4941 Washington Street, West Point, Indiana 47992. It is seated 1 block south off of State Road 25 in West Point, Indiana.

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